Thursday 22 October 2020

Tennessee Valley strikes again!

At last, the promising weather forecast for this end of week (and for next week) started to deliver with a showy Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler found by Guy Mirgain early this afternoon at the bottom of the Tennessee Valley. This new American warbler for the season was lavishly enjoyed by the small team of birders still present on the island (10+) for a couple of hours before PAC announced on the radio around 5:30pm that he had found another Bay-breasted Warbler (his second of the season!) towards the top of the Tennessee Valley. This species, only the fifth WP record and already the fourth for Corvo alone, wasn’t very easy to relocate among the very large Juniper patch but thanks to a team effort, all who needed it for their WP list managed to have decent, albeit brief, views of the bird before dusk. Earlier in October, Tennessee Valley already hosted a Northern Parula and a Tennessee Warbler, thus making it the most productive spot on the island so far this year!


Are things starting to fall in place for the Crovo20 season since today? The next days will be critical for a successful year although unfortunately many birders are leaving the island tomorrow…meaning that only five will remain (Vincent, PAC, Pete, Bob and I) until at least next Wednesday.

Bay-breasted Warbler (1cy male), Tennessee Valley,  22 October 2020 (Pierre-André Crochet)
Myrtle Warbler, Tennessee Valley,  22 October 2020 (David Monticelli)

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