Saturday 28 September 2013

Tomorrow is another day!

Despite some heavy rain making birding difficult this morning, we (6 birders) managed to visit the fields around the village and 3 wooded valleys (Fojo, Cancelas and Da Ponte) today without success. The only decent bird species seen were on the European side, a group of six Glossy ibises (high fields and airport strip), and on the Nearctic side, Spotted sandpiper (1 on rocky shore) and Semipalmated plover (1 on airstrip).

Glossy ibis (immature), 28 September 2013, airstrip, Corvo

The log is thus very light tonight despite the fact that the conditions are very exciting to start finding good birds: end September is a great period to be on Corvo (re-check the Birding Corvo 2009 blog if you have doubts about that), wind is blowing from the right direction (west) and we are a fair number of birders actively searching the island. Birding is, however, not an exact science otherwise we should have scored at least one american landbird today.

Tomorrow is another day and we keep looking at the bright side of can only get better!

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