Tuesday 24 September 2013

Warm up..

Blogging is not the stuff I am most familiar with but there is always a starting point to everything!
I have been enjoying birding and twitching on Corvo (Azores) since 2007. No doubts, October is a very busy month on Corvo with more and more birders visiting the island every autumn, some of them returning year after year.

It is well beyond any words what this place has offered me so far: great birds, intense birding moments, and durable friendship with all the happy birders. Not to mention the great pleasure in meeting the friendly community living permanently on the island. When speaking with some other birders last year, it came up that having a blog relating some "daily news" would be a 'must do'..so this time I decided to jump in for my 7th consecutive autumn on The Rock.

For those who haven't followed regularly the news last autumn, here is a sample of what we managed to see in a few weeks (American rarities on Corvo in 2012). Among the many highlights of the past 2012 season were Golden-winged and Prairie warblers..probably two of the best american landbirds I've seen there so far. 
Golden-winged warbler, 12 October 2012, Lighthouse valley, Corvo
This year, the very first birders coming from abroad will touch down on Wednesday 25, almost immediately starting to pace along wooded valleys of the island..so NEWS are about to start now...
As for myself, it is almost on as I will fly from Lisbon to Corvo this Friday 27 September...for a full month of adventures.

My initial plan is to update this blog on a daily basis from Friday onwards..so stay tuned!


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