Saturday 20 October 2018

They thought it was all over...

With the winds from the east, a high pressure and European birds arriving yesterday there were concerns that the incredible run of 2018 was over. However it just keeps coming with another two major birds on the island today, White-eyed Vireo and Eastern Wood Pewee. This is shaping up to be the best year ever. There have now been 27 species of American landbird. 2017 is currently the record year with 29 species and we still have another week and more to go of the autumn. There's still a few 'Corvo staples' to get such as Chimney Swift, Buff-bellied Pipit and Black-and-white Warbler. 

What with a series of blockers getting unblocked it's getting tough at the top for the Western Palearctic listers too with Pierre-Andre Crochet (France) at No 1 narrowly avoiding being overtaken by the previous incumbent Ernie Davies (UK) who luckily for Pierre missed today's White-eyed Vireo after his agent Phil Abbot (UK) messed up Ernie's bookings and took him off island yesterday two days too early than Ernie had told Phil to book. No doubt Phil is getting a good roasting now. However Pierre-Andre has no cause to relax as Chris Bell (UK) has secured five lifers on this trip (an unprecedented season for any top WP lister) and is now three away from the top. The Germans have decided to remove Yellow-headed Amazon from the Cat C National List so Pierre has dropped even with Ernie at No 1 with Chris Bell tearing up behind. Pierre is planning on twitching the Grey Catbird in Cornwall if it's still there next week to try and secure a safe lead. Corvo 2018 has certainly shaken things up. 

 White-eyed Vireo (Vincent Legrand) A fourth for Corvo and the Western Palearctic.
 Eastern Wood Pewee (Vincent Legrand) A third for Corvo and the Western Palearctic.
 Northern Parula (Peter Alfrey) At least four on the island today
Indigo Bunting. There is ringing effort this year attempting to colour ring some vagrants to trace movements and numbers across the island. An Indigo Bunting was caught and ringed today. 

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