Saturday 4 October 2014

First wave of American vagrants on the island...

The group of 10+ birders present on Corvo since Thursday has now covered some serious ground over the last days, and, as of tonight, their efforts have produced some interesting results. First of all, the season for American landbirds was officially launched yesterday with the discovery of 3 American Buff-bellied Pipits at the Reservoir. And just as this was not enough, two more individuals were discovered today with no less than 5 different Buff-bellied Pipits counted in the same area. An impressive finding as this probably represents the largest group of this nearctic species ever recorded in the WP! And there was more on offer on Corvo today with 2 Cliff Swallows reported at the Miradouro from above Vila Nova do Corvo.

Thus overall, a very encouraging starting for the 2014 season on the Rock with 7 american landbirds found in 3 days. More birders will arrive on Monday and, no doubt, more findings will be reported in the next days...

American Buff-bellied Pipit, Grassland area around the Reservoir, 03 October 2014 (copyright: photo courtesy of Daniele Occhiato)

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