Friday, 18 October 2013

A pretty calm day on the Rock.

In comparison with the previous two days that were emotionally charged, today was very quiet.

The morning started very slowly with just a few lingering individuals reported, including three vireos - two Red-eyed (Lapa and Fojo) and a Philadelphia (Fojo) - by Julien Mazenauer, a Common yellowthroat (Middle Fields) by Josh Jones, and the White-throated sparrow by myself. The yellow-throated warbler was not relocated despite several independent visits (by different birders) in Poço de Agua, neither were the long-staying American redstart from da Ponte and Black-throated Blue warbler from Cantinho.

Perhaps as a consequence of the lack of significant discovery in the wooded valleys this morning, most birders opted for an early return to the village in early afternoon, with the remaining part of the day being filled up with a sea watching session that did not produce any noteworthy sighting - except the odd Northern gannet and several large flocks of Common and Spotted dolphins.

Common dolphins photographed from the Windmill, Corvo (Photo courtesy of V. Legrand)
At least a dozen birders have left the Rock this evening, so the group of active birders has now plummeted somewhere in the early-twenties. Certainly not the kind of number to be ashamed of at this stage of the season, though! There is still enough 'manpower' on the island, which combined with the depression presently making its way from south-west towards the Azores could bring in some more discoveries in the next days..time will tell!

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