Saturday 5 October 2013

More American landbirds on The Rock...

If each birding day on Corvo was to be ranked on a quality scale, today would probably be classified as an 'average' one. Perhaps one explanation for this is that with 20 birders now working hard to discover new birds on the island, many of us had hoped for a better issue to today's hunt than just 2 new birds, Red-eyed vireo and Indigo bunting. Both species are regular annual vagrants to Corvo in fair numbers and thus these findings are of somewhat minor importance to most of us. The Indigo bunting was initially flushed from a corn field behind the airstrip (Lower Fields) by Mika Bruun who by doing so offered a new 'tick' to his birding pal Petri Kuhno; the bird - a first winter male - was however not relocated subsequently. The Red-eyed vireo  - the third one this year - was discovered during the afternoon around the Windmill area by Kari Haataja who initially saw it flying inshore directly from the sea!  The vireo was refound in the nearby tamarisks and eventually showed up very well for the rest of the day, attracting quite many birders and photographers.

Red-eyed vireo, 5 October 2013, Windmill area, Corvo
Red-eyed vireo, 5 October 2013, Windmill area, Corvo
Other noteworthy records for today include the two wood-warblers found yesterday at Cantinho which were still greeting us with good views all day, one of the two Buff-bellied pipits still seen at the Reservoir in the afternoon and one Rose-breasted grosbeak still present along the dirty track between Fojo and Cancelas for its 5th consecutive day.   

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