Wednesday 23 October 2013

No Cape May warbler on the Rock today!

The last days were very quiet on Corvo with a very slim combined log for Tuesday and today: the Rough-legged hawk (dark morph) was still lingering at the Caldeira, and both Indigo bunting (1st winter female) and White-crowned sparrow (one adult) were still present in the Middle Fields. A Red-eyed vireo (Fojo) and a Rose-breasted grosbeak (Vila Nova do Corvo) were also seen yesterday but not re-found today.

Thus, without much to report from the field, the highlights came over the wire when we learnt of the amazing discovery of a Ruby-crowned kinglet on Flores yesterday by a Finnish group of 3 birders (3rd WP record) and with today's news of a Cape May warbler found on Shetland (2nd for WP)! These are very encouraging signs perhaps suggesting that the season is not yet over for us with hopefully a few more discoveries to come in the next days...

White-crowned sparrow (adult), 22 October 2013, Middle Fields, Corvo

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