Tuesday 15 October 2013

An elusive American robin!

The Polish team struck again today with the late discovery around 5.30pm by Pawel Malczyk of an American robin in the grassland along the Caldeira road. The bird was photographed by the finder (just a record shot) but unfortunately proved very elusive and could not be refound by anyone despite a rather intensive search until sunset. That kind of event sometimes happens on the Rock but there is certainly no harm done: more efforts will be made tomorrow in an attempt to relocate the bird (only the second record for Corvo and Azores following one bird performing very well last year).

On a more positive side, the 'Blue beauty' was still on show in Cantinho all day and has now been seen by everyone on the island, while the Mourning dove has been showing and photographed very well in late afternoon.

Mourning dove, 15 October 2013, Vila Nova do Corvo, Corvo
Other noteworthy records today included a Black duck observed at sea by Hugues Dufourny during a seawatching session and a Red-eyed vireo found in Lapa by Klaus Drissner. The 1st winter male Common yellowthroat found yesterday in the tamarisks in front of the airport office was still present all day but did not performed very well for the photographers, while a few long-stayers such as American redstart (da Ponte), Cedar waxwing (Middle Fields), and Rough-legged hawk (above High Fields, Lapa and Caldeira road) were still lingering on the island.

A few birders left on Monday so we are now around 30 birders. A very exciting weather system stemming from Florida is due to reach Corvo tomorrow and after tomorrow, so we hope for more arrivals from the other side of the Atlantic by the end of this week.

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