Monday 28 October 2013

Least Sandpiper new in and Black-throated Green Warbler still

The fog finally cleared today after a weekend full of the stuff, which hampered birding. With such a nice day, the caldeirao was checked for the first time in ages by three Finnish birders and they found a Least Sandpiper along with five White-rumped Sandpipers and two Barnacle Geese still. There was a flock of 10 Snow Buntings at the top of the road to the caldeirao, but the general birding continues to be tough going despite the sunshine.
Least Sandpiper in the caldeirao (copyright Janne Aalto)
There was an exodus of five birders today, with two new Brits coming in to enjoy the last few days of the 2013 Corvo birding season. After some searching, the Black-throated Green Warbler was found to be still in Pico albeit remaining elusively. Three Glossy Ibises remain on the airfield and complete the day's lineup.

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