Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The autumn's third Black-and-white Warbler

The weather was fine again today, and the five remaining birders headed off into Ribeira da Ponte, Lapa and Poco d'Agua. It was the turn of the Finns today, when Ilkka Sahi managed to find the autumn's third Black-and-white Warbler. A statistic that continues to illustrate what a magnet the island is for American landbirds.
Black-and-white Warbler, Ribeira da Ponte (Richard Bonser)
Otherwise, it was just long staying birds that were seen. The White-crowned Sparrow was relocated late on in the day a couple of hundred metres from where it was last seen on Sunday, while a couple of Glossy Ibises and Ruff remained on the runway. With northerly winds and fog forecast for Friday (the worst direction as it is a cross wind), and with the potential for disruption, four birders left the island today and so only one birder remains to finish the Corvo 2013 season off.

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