Thursday 17 October 2013

Star bird of the season still on show today!

For most birders present on the Rock, there is little doubts that today will 'imprint' our memories! Not because another mega was discovered on the island - it had all happened yesterday with Josh's incredible finding - but more importantly, because the rather unlucky pool of birders who had initially dipped out (6 birders out of 30, including myself) were finally able to connect with the yellow-throated warbler this morning following a tantalizing and frustrating search since yesterday afternoon. Thanks to the hard work of a few birders, the wood-warbler, which had suddenly disappeared yesterday before everyone could have a chance to see it, reappeared magically this morning around 9.30 at the very spot where it was initially discovered. And this time, it stayed on view for a least two to three hours, providing delightful views and great photographic opportunities. So at the time of writing, we are all celebrating at the local pub this well-deserved bird after three weeks of intensive work on Corvo.

Yellow-throated warbler (1st winter), 17 October 2013, Ribeira de Poço de Agua, Corvo

Other notheworthy goodies still present today included Azores's first White-throated sparrow discovered yesterday by Kris De Rouck, which performed very well again for the photographers and the Black-throated Blue warbler now lingering for its 14th consecutive day in Cantinho.

White-throated sparrow (1st winter), 17 October 2013, Grassland along Caldeira road, Corvo

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